How can Astrology help you?

For the early astrologers, meticulous tracking, measurements, mathematics, and note-taking meant that you followed the motion and cycles of all the planets, especially Sun/Moon cycles against the backdrop of the constellations while observing human behavior, actions, and events here on Earth. For western (tropical) astrologers, the seasonality of the Earth’s weather patterns has a direct affect on life on Earth due to the Earth’s axis while Vedic astrologers view the actual physical placement of the stars viewed from Earth. Both forms are practiced widely now and both have important places in our spiritual development. In Shamanic astrology, practitioners like Isca believe that planets are living beings and behave accordingly which corresponds to our growth as spiritual beings (humans) on Earth.

According to the ancient Kybalion maxim from the Law of Correspondence:

“As above, so below…as below, so above”

Astrology does not depend on the “cause/effect” nature rather the entire framework is based on “synchronicity”. This simply means that we are all interconnected in one universe where the sky is a cosmic mirror to reflect energy back onto all lifeforms and vice versa, we emit our own energy signature back into the cosmos. In other words, humans (and all creations both animate/inanimate) move in concert with all celestial bodies. This concept is called “quantum entanglement”. As time and space progress, so does the entirety of the cosmos (both microcosm and macrocosm). We are not separate. We are both duality and the Oneness. We are whole, circular, a wave and a particle of Light.

At one point, only astrologers existed like Ptolemy, Kepler, and Galilio all happened to be mathematicians who studied the stars. Then for some reason, left-brained thinking took over and decided to separate astrology from astronomy… This schism is the reason why many people think astrology is a pseudo-science. Modern scientists try to “test” it but little do they know that at the quantum level, astrology is always evolving very similarly to machine learning or hive mind thinking. Additionally, your chart is made up of multiple signs with any combination of 35 million possibilities! When applying Schroedinger’s cat thought experiment (of quantum mechanics), we know that as soon as you observe something, the very thing you’re observing changes… Hence, astrology works because we are applying conscious mental energy (the power of observation) and putting ideas (thoughts) into action where we need to put more energy (emotions). Astrology is not so much “predictive” as it is “reflective”. It is a practice designed to draw your awareness to who you are. Astrology is based on the assumption that every living being will project archetypal energy into the cosmos and exhibit a recognizable pattern if you’re paying close attention. To put that into perspective, psychology is one of the newest and only “sciences” to study human behavior. But to astrologers, psychology doesn’t take into consideration the totality of the human experience over time (as in past lives). As Hippocrates once said, “A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to practice medicine”. Meanwhile, astrology was the original method to study our entire physical body, governed by the 12 archetypes of human characters in a holistic framework including each body part’s or system’s reaction to planetary cycles or aspects. And just like modern doctors who take the Hippocratic Oath today: Astrologers do no harm. If we understand the person, then we understand how they treat their body or how it reacts to certains substances, events or forces.

So how does all this help you? Quite simply, every single living being is born at a very specific moment in time and space. Just like wine grapes take on the characteristics (taste, smell) of everything growing around it for it’s whole season, so does the human being born. When you are born, you are stamped by the Universe with a unique cosmic code – this code is your Natal (birth) chart and every single planet, asteroid, and luminary takes part in it. It is a permanent snapshot of your celestial expression. Placed against the background of an ever-changing sky, your birth chart is YOU (alive) and you are always growing, always changing, and always pushed to your highest potential. The planetary movements within the twelve constellations means that all life forms in our universe are moving in sync along every calendar year. So every Zodiac sign has a specific role to play, just like every Rising Sign and Moon sign and every other planetary sign. Additionally, astrologers can help you navigate the 12 houses (or realms of life), your elemental nature (fire, earth, water or air), your energetic modality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable), your polarity (anima or animus, feminine or masculine), and the geometry of the planetary angles and degrees. Once all of these components are taken into consideration, a beautiful story of YOU unfolds during your reading.

On the cosmic stage, all these celestial bodies (sun, moon, planets, and constellations) continuously play their part in your life with YOU as the lead in the co-creation of your destiny. Are you ready to design your life through discovery, understanding, acceptance, expression, and commitment


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