About Isca Ayala

Francisca has been a devout student of the sacred art and science of astrology for over 20 years and a practicing
astrologer for over 12 years. Her journey into the study of our heavenly skies began in her teens after observing
how certain zodiac signs always developed into distinct patterns of behaviors with freakish regularity.Having a knack for connectional intelligience also made things easier to pick up astrology quickly. What started as a deep passion for numbers, geometry, natural phenomena, anthropology, psychology, mythology and physical science, naturally put her on an irreversible path towards her own spiritual awakening to fulfill her calling as a “Wounded Healer” like Chiron. As a free-will Western astrologer and a shamanic alchemist, her readings provide you the practical (and magical) tools to tranform your life and create your boldest dreams. Because she has embodied this wisdom herself and applies astrology to every aspect of her life, she believes anyone has the power to manifest whatever their mind, heart, body, and spirit is quantumly aligned to do. Ultimately, her purpose is to teach others the powers of astrology and deepen your understanding of your soul’s imprint on the cosmos so you may co-create, potentiate, align, and be true to YOUR Light.

You are ready to create your
destiny, aligned with the Universe.

– Having a hard time executing on your dreams?
– Struggling with a sense of purpose?
– Not sure what your talents or gifts are?
– Finding yourself not enjoying things you used to?
– Feeling strange in your body?
– Navigating deep spiritual questions?
– Difficulty transitioning through a tough period?

Aligning You With the Cosmos

The sky above dictates our cosmic DNA, a.k.a. birth chart. Your chart is “star code” which translates
a set on instructions for 12 areas of your life, including your talents, your challenges, and your
blocks. Every single live reading is highly personalized, intimate and offers you a sacred space to be heard, be
seen, and be YOU.


A Star is Born

90 Minutes (Your birth chart in-depth, past
& present, and 3 specific questions)

$222 USD


Energy Forecast

45 Minutes (A short birth chart summary
with transits, and 3 specific questions)

$133 USD


Lunar Cycles

30 Minutes (this reading is perfect for setting
New Moon intention for a fresh start)

$77 USD

How can Astrology help you?

Astrology is an ancient science dating back to over 5.000 years old or older.
Beginning in multiple civilizations across world cultures like Babylon, Chaldeans, Romans, Greeks, Indians,
Chinese, Native Americans or the Mayans, the study of the night sky was both an art and a science that
blended the power of observation, belief, imagination, intuition, and stillness.

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